You Choose by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart


What I love:

Ok, full disclosure..this is an Usborne book. Which basically means that unless you buy it through an Usborne book seller or stumble upon it at Goodwill, good luck finding it for a reasonable price. Amazon’s used copy is currently going for $196.03. And no, that doesn’t include shipping.

If you haven’t heard of Usborne or your brain just automatically blocks out all direct marketing companies, hear me out for a second. If you’ve talked to me for more than five minutes, you know that I full-face cringe at thought of paying full price for a book . With all of the public libraries and second-hand stores at my disposal, why on Earth would I shell out more than $10 for a book?

You guys, these books are beautiful. The layout and illustrations of all the Usborne books I have purchased thus far are so attractive that I find myself hoping that our Warrior Princess reaches for them during our nightly book huddle. And when she doesn’t, I may or may not look through them while she’s napping instead of cleaning the house. 

I also love that this book gives me a peek into the strange workings of my daughter’s toddler brain. Let’s take the “Who would you like for family and friends?” page, for example. Every once in a while the adorable baby or jolly Santa Claus will appear on her short list of desired acquaintances. But more often than not, it’s these guys:


I can’t figure out if she’s simply attracted to their particular “joie de vivre” or if she’s trying to assemble an ragtag team of time travelers to help her fight crime, but it’s definitely made me realize that if she comes home talking about a friend named Jack the Rat, I shouldn’t assume that he’s an animal.

What could be better:

Can we talk about the lacy negligee on the “What would you wear” page?


I’m all for cute undies but it gets a little awkward when you keep asking your kiddo what Daddy would wear and she keeps pointing to this little number. And as much as I want to believe that the illustrator put it in there to emphasize body love and wearing whatever makes you happy, I’m pretty sure he just wanted to see if anyone at the editing office was paying attention. They weren’t. 🙂



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